Thaddeus B. Kubis  -   Trained as a visual communicator, adapting his creative vision to designing aesthetically pleasing images of all aspects of life, creating a fusion of technology and his creative visions, offering something truly unique and appealing to stock imagery, editorial and advertising professionals, corporate clients, galleries and private collectors. As a result, Thaddeus's approach to photography has evolved into one that considers conventional and innovative ways of creating images using a myriad of traditional photographic tools and newer technologies to produce images that appeal to both to the consumer and to the business-based client. Thad’s mantra is “Stop taking photos and, start creating images.

Thad offers a series of educational based “hands-on” application-based sessions, including photographic walking tours of regional locations, such as the first region in his new “How YOU can photographic everything series” -  How to photograph the Berkshires and How to photograph New York City. #howYOUcanphotographeverything, #howtophotographtheberkshires, #howtophotographnewyorkcity.